4 Free Logo Maker Software Everyone Must Try

Looking for a free, good, and quality online logo maker can be time-consuming and frustrating! Here are the best free logo maker software to try!

If you are looking for a free, good, and quality online logo maker, you probably know that it can be time-consuming and frustrating. There are many of these logo makers that dd their watermark over the top or they charge to download them. The worst thing is that most of them won’t even tell you that they are going to do these things until you have already spent time designing your logo.

In order to save you some time, we’ve decided to gather the best free logo maker software on the market, perfect for beginners and people who will design a logo for the first time. All of these logo makers are free to use and you can download your end logo design free of charge. You will discover that they are a simple, quick, and no-hassle way to design a quality logo.

If, for example, you want extra assistance when designing your logo, you can take advantage of the free logo design templates that Hatchful – a great online logo maker- offers. Once you will choose a template, you can make the necessary changes and edit the logo according to your needs.

Let’s start:

Logo Garden

This is a great free logo maker software, however, you can only download a low-res JPG version of your new logo. There is an option to download a high-quality version, but keep in mind that these versions aren’t free. You can also edit your logo after you have saved it. This is probably the only limitation, this tool has, and despite this limitation, you can still use this tool to create your own perfect logo online. Logo Garden can offer you a few font types, a color chooser, round text tool, and lots of symbol options. Once you have selected a symbol and a text, you can define some effects for them such as reflect, shadow, and shine. It is necessary to create a user account to design, save, and download the logo.

Logo Factory

The logos designed with this tool can have only image and two lines of text. If this suits you, then there is nothing that stops you from using this tool. The size, the font type, the color, and the position can be adjusted for text and lines, however, the logo’s image can’ be resized. The logo’s image can only be repositioned. Regardless of the limitations, it is easy to work with this tool and can make a pretty solid logo. When you are finished, you can save and download the logo as a JPG file without building a user account.

Cool Text

This is another tool that designs logos but instead of having you upload a photo or add different shapes to the canvas, the text is made out of one of the different designs. This logo maker works by choosing one or more text designs and using your own custom text. If you want, you can adjust the settings and edit the text angle, glow, gradient, shadow, outline color, and etc.


This tool is perfect if you are looking for a quick way to design a logo. You need to enter the text you want to use, change the font type, font size, and color. There are special effects that might be applied to the text such as 3D, shadow, stroke, and flip.

Choose one of these free logo maker software and design your own logo now!

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