Crucial Things You Must Know About Logos

Crucial Things You Must Know About Logos

Are you thinking of starting your own business? While people think that all you need is a great product to start a successful business, the truth is that a lot goes into the process. Before you think about launching your company, you must come up with a good name and logo.

Importance of a logo

People tend to underestimate the role of a logo in a business. This is why it is common for startups to opt for free logo maker software. Only a few are comfortable with investing in a premium logo maker generator or designer.

Let’s just say, a logo is an integral part of your business’s identity. It is the thing that customers recognize a brand by. It is a symbol used to communicate a company’s values. Also, logos are used consistently in all online and offline marketing campaigns.

What makes a good logo?

Yes, a free logo download and free logo design templates will deliver you a symbol. However, if the free online logo maker and download do not allow you to customize the suggested templates, then it is of no use. Even if you are using a generic template, you must customize it to ensure that it defines your brand. So, the first element that makes for a good logo is relevancy to the brand.

Secondly, the logo should be simple and easy to distinguish from other brands. Both of these factors ensure that the logo, and hence your brand, has a distinct positioning in the minds of the consumers. Remember that simplicity does not mean ordinary. Try to include a unique design in your logo at the same time.

Finally, the logo you create must be able to withstand the pressures of time. If you go for something which is trending today, the logo you have might not be enduring in the long run. One aspect of an enduring logo is something which can be slightly changed over the year to remain modern and relevant. When you think about it, whether it be Pepsi or Xerox, the companies have changed the logo subtly over the years. The design should be versatile enough to do so.

What not to do when designing a logo

Here are some things you must avoid when creating a logo:

  • Opting for a design that is too complex.
  • Using an amateur designer to design the logo for you.
  • Making a logo that doesn’t look good in black and white.


Pay attention to your logo designing. Create one which ticks all the boxes.


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